About Us

We at Huntington Testing and Technology are committed to “Reliability Through Quality Assurance” – a company slogan, a corporate philosophy, a way of life. This theme has propelled Huntington Testing from a small, regional testing laboratory to an industry leader over the past 30 years. A company with a wide range, as well as a unique blend of services to offer the power generation, pulp and paper and petro-chemical industries.

The equipment and technology is available to all Non Destructive Testing and Heat Treatment Companies so why should you use Huntington Testing? OUR PEOPLE! If, as the old saying goes, that a company is only as good as its people is true, then we are the best. From top to bottom, we are a company dedicated to quality, service and customer satisfaction. Everyone at Huntington Testing understands that the purpose of a “service company” is to serve our customers’ needs, and that’s exactly what we do.

Huntington Testing and Technology has dedicated itself to the advanced training of our technicians, the acquisition of global talent, and the development and implementation of advanced technologies. We at Huntington Testing and Technology desire to partner with our clients to assist in determining the best utilization of methods, resources, and tools to best fit their needs.

Contact Information

Job Scheduling:
Huntington, WV Office: Oscar S. Adkins
Louisville, KY Office: Noah S. Garrow

Customer Support:
Stephen E. Pratt

Technical Support:
Kenneth M. Rogers

Turbine Inspections:
Donald R. Stricklin

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